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"95814 Digital is a full service electronic document center, providing quality document services to the Greater Sacramento Area...."


Document Services


95814 Digital offers a full range of document services for all your business needs. Our professionally trained staff is eager to assist you with your projects and any questions you may have. We take great pride in our quality of service and are here to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Digital Black and White Copies
    95814 Digital has the latest in copying equipment to serve all your black and white printing needs. Whether it is auto feed or litigation copying, our machines can handle documents up to 12 x 18 in size.
  • Digital Color Copies
    95814 Digital specializes in high speed digital color copying. Our Canon Color Copies can process high quality digital quality copies in just a matter of minutes. Have pre-press artwork? The Canon copiers can also print out separations for print work. Whether you have paper or electronic originals, our digital copiers can handle documents up to 12 x 18 in size.
  • Oversize Copies
    95814 Digital can duplicate oversize documents that are 3 feet wide by any length. We can also enlarge both color and black and white documents up to 4 feet by any length. For finishing, we offer foam core mounting of your oversize documents. Foam core mounting requires 24 hours for turnaround. Please contact us if you have questions regarding foam core mounting.
  • Onsite Copies
    Have a project that requires someone to be at your location? 95814 Digital offers onsite copying to fill those needs. Our trained staff will bring our equipment to your location to get the job done. Contact us to schedule an onsite appointment today!
Electronic Discovery
  • Scan Black & White and Color Documents
    Scan any size and color documents into computer, converting them to any viewable formats such as PDF, TIFF, and EPS.
  • Burn to CD or DVD
    All format files and videos are burned to CD and DVD. Also reproduce existing CD, DVD, tape, and VCR.
  • Electronic Numbering
    We use latest softwares to electronicaly bates number the documents.
  • OCR Documents
    OCR (Optical Charactor Recognition) is the process of turning a picture of words (such as a scan of a typed letter) into an editable document that you can open in most of the document editing softwates.
  • Searchable PDF
    Scan and convert your documents, books, newspapers, and other publications and records to searchable indexed PDF files.
Graphic Design New!
  • Design and redisgn business cards, brochures, fliers, logos, envelopes,and more. We use latest design programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, InDesignCS4, and Acrobat 9 Pro.
  • GBS Spiral Comb Binding
    This curled comb-style bind allows for easy addition and removal of pages. It also lies flat when opened and can accommodate up to 450 pages. This style is ideal for reports, briefs, training manuals and presentations.
  • Velo Binding
    Most commonly used for legal documents, Velo binding creates a sleek profile by using a thin plastic strip to bind the pages of the document. Velo stacks and stores easily.
  • Coil Binding
    This coil is a continuous spring shaped piece of plastic which also lies flat when opened and can accommodate up to 450 pages. This style is very popular for programs or presentation materials.
  • Acco Binding
    Two prong binding typically used for court filings and is sleek and simple to implement. We can Acco bind documents up to 2 inches in thickness. This type of binding is very easy to remove, making page replacements much more convenient.