Electronic Document Services

Whether you have paper documents to scan or electronic documents to process and convert, we utilize state of the art equipment and software programs to ensure our clients receive the highest quality services and products.


Electronic Discovery

Have a hard drive with hundreds of Gigabytes (GB) of data and you need them in a workable format? We can process your electronic media, providing you with images, OCR, meta-data and load files.

File Conversion – Convert files from one format to another. Whether you need PDF’s, TIFF’s or JPG’s we can help you convert your files to meet your needs.

OCR – Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of turning an image file into a searchable document. Have hundreds or thousands of documents you need to go through to find pertinent documents regarding your case? With OCR you can search key words and terms and have the pertinent documents retrieved in a matter of seconds.

Culling/De-duplication – De-duplication is the process of providing one instance of an item when there are two or more identical copies. We also have the capability to filter out unwanted documents. By Culling and De-duplication you can reduce the size of your production saving you time and money.

Load Files – Have Litigation Support Software that requires load files to import your images? We have the capability to provide load files for many litigation support software programs, such as Summation, Concordance, Case Map, Sanction, & Ringtail Casebook to name a few.

Load File Conversion – Did you receive a CD from the opposing counsel with a load file that is not compatible with your litigation support software? We can convert the load file to make it compatible with your data management system.

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